Bamboo Blinds

  Bamboo Blinds ( Woven Wood blinds )  are supplied complete with pulleys, cord  locks, brass cleats,   installation brackets   and matching valances. Blinds  can be either reveal or face fixed.  Bamboo blinds   are   made of natural materials. As a result   small irregularities in finish, stitching colour, material colour   and   dimensions can occur. These are kept to a minimum and fall   In line with  International standards.

  The maximum recommended width of a woven wood blind is 2400mm. The  maximum recommended   drop   is 3000mm.   Although Bamboo Blinds are manufactured as standard to roll up, the Roman style   woven   wood blind is also an option.

   Please be advised that the following needs to be considered when purchasing a  Bamboo blind:

  Roman finish is an optional extra. This product should not be used in moist or damp areas. Slight   variations   in drop may   occur. Natural materials require   maintenance in areas exposed to plenty  of   sun. Fading will   occur evenly over a period of   time depending on the  severity of   the conditions.   Always hold the sample up   at a window or a light to simulate the effect you   will achieve. Colours tend to   vary   from batch to batch and   we cannot  guarantee that when ordering a second blind, it will   match a   blind that  was previously   ordered.   We will always try to match as close as  possible. Please specify if   you are   fitting multiple blinds in a   window or   room especially if the blinds are next to each other. The   bamboo and woven wood blinds   cannot be considered as a block-out   blind. Please specify whether   blinds are reveal or face fixed .