Printed Blinds

  Printed Blinds are available in 127mm  vertical blinds and in roller blind style.

  Printed vertical blinds are available in 127mm blade widths and are supplied complete  with  their   aluminium top track with removable   hook runners, nylon links,    enclosed end    caps , a 3:1 planetary   gearbox,   cords, beaded operating chain, wieghts,    beaded    chains and installation   brackets.

   Easy-fix clips are used for inside reveal installations and clip-on brackets are used for    face-fix    installations

   It is recommended that you dust vacuum your blinds regularly to avoid a build up of   dirt.    

   Printed Roller Blinds have an aluminium roller and side controlled chain system. The system has an   automatic clutch  system (chain   driven) that   allows the blind to be stopped in any postion.   We offer   the Koin  Roller system  complete with the installation   brackets fitted on a toprail for   easy installation.
  The bottom lathe is covered in the same fabric as the blind. Printed Roller Blinds is only available in   plain finish.

  There is a standard gap of 15mm on the operating side and 8mm on the non-operating side of   the   blind.