Roller Blinds

  Roller Blinds have an aluminium roller and side controlled chain system. The system has an   automatic clutch  system (chain   driven) that   allows the blind to be stopped in any postion.   We offer the Koin  Roller system  complete with the installation   brackets fitted on a toprail for   easy installation.

  Roller Blinds are available in a variety of fabrics. All fabrics in the our range have been   thoroughly tested for South  African   conditions and   are guaranteed to last.

  The bottom lathe is covered in the same fabric as the blind. Roller Blinds can be ordered with a   plain or six  optional different   Scallops   added  to the bottom of the blind if required.

  There is a standard gap of 15mm on the operating side and 8mm on the non-operating side of   the blind.

  Please be advised that the following needs to be considered when purchasing a Roller blind:

If blinds are recess fitted, then gaps are to be expected.

Decorative valances are available on request, but is an optional extra.

Roller blinds can be specified with a normal or reverse roll drop.

Always hold the fabric up at a window and up at a light to simulate the effect you will achieve.

Our Roller blind is not a block-out blind.

Colours can vary between batches.

Please specify if you are fitting multiple blinds in a window or room.

Please specify if blinds are reveal or face fixed.